You will laugh out loud when you see this boy having fun.

Video of naughty child: If you have young children in your home then you must have understood that young children are very naughty. Sometimes he does things that make him laugh. At the same time, sometimes their storms also hurt people.

As soon as the children are able to walk a little, they do not even sit still. Then it becomes very difficult to keep them in one place. The little storm of the baby cost the woman dearly.

Elders say children do not stay in one place. He is making noise all over the house. One such video has surfaced these days, in which you will laugh at the sight of a child’s mischief.

This video of a child is very funny, which is rapidly going viral on social media. In fact, a small child does such an act, which causes a woman to fall to the ground with a blast.

The video shows a family eating at a restaurant. You can see that everyone is sitting and eating. The family may have been accompanied by a small child. The baby moves around with the help of a walker.

Then a woman who is sitting on a stool gets up and starts taking something. The woman got up from her stool for only 1 second. Meanwhile, the child ‘scandals’. The child pulls and removes the stool.

You can see that a small child pulls a woman’s stool while playing and removes it from there. Immediately after this, the woman tries to sit on the stool. Just, it falls down with a bang.

Looking at the video, it seems that the child did not do this on purpose, but the woman inadvertently fell to the ground due to his mischief. This video has been shared on Instagram from an account called cute_baby_reel. This video is being viewed and shared very quickly.

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