You have seldom seen such an accident before, the fur will grow as soon as you see it

Always be careful when walking on the road, whether you are driving by car or by bike or even on foot. All of this requires caution. However, most people ignore these things and go out on the road with their vehicles.

Sometimes good luck doesn’t hurt them, but sometimes they have to pay damages and even if people are seriously injured or they get injured in a quick case, you have to lose your life too. A video of a dangerous accident is rapidly going viral on social media these days, which will always provoke you. Such an accident you have rarely seen before.

In the video you can see that a train is coming, so the railway gate is closed. Normally people stop to look at the closed railway gate, but in the video no one can see the railway gate or it may be that he is leaning on a moving vehicle and trying to get out from under the gate, but he is riding a bike very fast. , He can’t balance himself and collides with the gate,

This causes his bike to reach the tracks directly, while he starts to cry in pain due to falling on the side of the track. Then a highspeed train arrives. He is lucky that the man himself derailed, which saved his life, but his bike was wrecked.

The amazing video has been shared on social media platform Instagram under the name royalcarsz, which has received over 99,000 views so far, while thousands of people have also liked the video. At the same time, people have reacted differently after watching the video.

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