Woman shuffles cashew-almond packet in dress with her clothes high, embarrassing gesture captured on CCTV

Some people steal so well that they never get caught. Such thieves have become crime news. But some people steal in such a way that they get caught. The theft committed by a woman from Surat has also been captured on CCTV. This is the case in Sarthana area of ​​Surat.

Cashew is in high demand during Diwali. In this, a woman from Surat stole a packet of cashew nuts in D-Mart Mall. During Diwali, the woman came to the mall with another woman. In a way that no one could see, the woman slipped a package of cashew nuts inside her clothes. But the woman’s theft was captured on a CCTV camera installed in the mall. The woman’s theft was caught. Police arrested 4 women thieves.

This is the incident of De Mart located in Sarthana area. In it, the security guard told the manager that some women were hiding things in their petticoats. So when these women were booming they ran and sat in the eco car. The women were not apprehended, but as part of the vigil, CCTV footage of the women was sent to another mall. So as these women entered the De Mart Mall in Varachha, and were caught stealing ghee-dried fruits.

However, from the whole incident it is understood that women have created this new modus operandi of stealing.

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