With a small idea, this person became the owner of 6100 crores in just 2 days, know how… .. – Deshi Gujarati

It is said that success is not for everyone. If the names of successful people are mentioned, the first person on the tongue is Tata or Ambani or Birla, but even these businessmen have not been successful in this way, for which they have worked hard and struggled.

With the changing times, more and better businessmen are joining this list. In today’s special post we are going to introduce you to a person who has reached the level of Ambani because of his hard work, today he can beat many rich people. Let us know who this person is.

This is businessman Radhakrishna Damani: You may not have heard of Radhakrishna Damani, who owns Avenue Supermarket Ltd. and recently added his name to the list of richest people, after IPO shares were issued by the company. Which were then sold. For ₹ 299 per account, but when it was listed on the market, these stocks broke all records and cost Punjab Rs. Giving up to 641. After 15 years of hard work, D-Mart has reached the pinnacle of success.

Starting a bearing business: Let me tell you that Radhakrishna Damani’s father was a bearing businessman by profession and from here Radha Krishna also started his career, but his work stopped after his father’s death, but he did not give up and his brother Rajendra Damani held his hand in bad times. Was.

The two brothers entered the stockbroking business together, although at first they were well aware of this and took complete information about it from an elderly broker. Today the situation is such that Damani has surpassed big companies like Tata Birla, apart from this he has also beaten big companies like Delete, a razor maker, and is constantly moving forward.

Stores in 45 cities: For your information let us tell you that Damani currently has 118 stores in 45 cities, the special thing is that De Mart is open anywhere, it is not rented anywhere, but Damani has bought it on his own land. The advantage of this was that the company’s big profit did not go to rent and always remained with them. As for De Mart Retail Group, it has surpassed Reliance Retail, Future Retail and Birla Retail Group.

The company’s employees are also rich: Let me tell you that this D-Mart company has turned not only Damani but all the employees working here and their families into millionaires. Neville Naro, managing director of D-Mart, has joined the list of millionaires with a net worth of Rs 900 crore. In addition, D-Mart’s financial advisers now own Rs 200 crore. The company’s turnover is over Rs 40,000 crore.

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