Wife had romance with 18 men at night, husband used to bring condoms!

Husband and wife have the closest relationship in the world. This relationship involves fulfilling one another’s desires with dedication. What if one person betrays? In India, such cases go straight to court. However, there are some cases that come as a surprise. Recently a woman shared her story on social media which is very strange.

The woman dreamed of having a relationship with many people besides her husband. His wife’s wish was fulfilled by her husband. The woman is identified as Lewis. Lewis, 30, lives in Sydney. She revealed that she had had sex with 18 men in one night. Lewis made the revelation in Australian podcast sex files.

She said her husband was also very busy at the time when she was having a romance with 18 people. He was bringing a condom to his wife Lewis in the room and giving it to her. The case has since gone viral. Lewis went on to say that he grew up in a strict Catholic family. Because of this she has never been able to enjoy life. He got her married at a very young age. Gradually though he began to explore himself.

The idea came to him that he wanted to build relationships with different people. However, she does not want to betray her husband. Because of this I talked openly with my husband. Lewis rejoiced when her husband decided to accompany her.

Lewis, the mother of one child, said this was not her first experience. She has had relationships with 10 people before. In this case, Lewis’s husband said that he shares his wife with other men. There is nothing wrong with that. He also rejoices in his wife’s happiness. However, after the story was shared, people called it shocking. Many called the event the weirdest experience ever.

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