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In the beginning, ‘ud’ means to manifest means to manifest the deity waves. Or they find a place in the workplace i.e. start the work by praying for the inauguration. Every work in Hinduism is based on the science of spirituality. The blessings of the deity are required to complete any work or ritual. Inauguration according to the classical method facilitates the arrival of divine waves in the workplace. This prevents the transmission of painful vibrations there. Therefore, the inauguration method should be done according to the methods based on spirituality.

Ways of opening The opening of the podium programs– Seminars, literary conventions, concerts, etc. are inaugurated by lighting lamps. Break the coconut before setting up the podium and light the lamp at the opening. The sole purpose of breaking the coconut is to clean the workplace. The pulpit is related to the work of the gift of knowledge, i.e. it is the knowledge of knowledge, hence the importance of the lamp there.

Opening shops, institutions etc. – Shops, institutions etc. are mostly related to practical work. There is no need to light a lamp during their inauguration. So here’s just breaking the coconut. Significance of Inauguration and Deep Manifestation by the Lotus Therefore, there is no need to break the coconut under the opening by the lotus feet of the saints.

Why not inaugurate by cutting the lace according to western culture?Cutting something is a sign of destructive instinct. The opening by the act of cutting the lace does not affect the painful vibrations of the object. Abandoned (abandonable) work in Hinduism by which painful waves are created; So don’t cut the lace and open it.

Breaking the coconut ..Coconuts are smashed during Bhumi Pujan before the pulpit is set up. Difficult vibrations are removed by purifying the area where the pulpit is to be set up. Place a stone on the earth in front of the place where the pulpit has been set up, pray to the deity of that place and break the coconut.

It is necessary to clean the venue before starting the preparation of any function on the podium, otherwise the program may not start on time, there is a possibility of discomfort on the venue, fatigue in preparation etc. Through the invocation of the place deity through prayer, the waves of the place deity spread in all four directions through coconut-water in the form of His grace. This makes it possible to limit the speed of painful vibrations entering the workplace. In that complex, a circle of micro-waves of the place-god is prepared and the ritual is easily completed.

Light the lamp after breaking the coconut. That is to stop the transition of negative forces and to light the lamp is to welcome and please the divine waves working on the back of knowledge. So, breaking the first coconut, the deity is invoked and there he is prayed to to control the negative forces; The lamp is then lit to impart knowledge by preventing the transmission of more effective negative forces due to the waves emitted from the lamp.

The importance of lighting a lamp. Lighting the lamp activates the divine will power and accomplishes the desired task, in addition to creating a divine protective shield around the workplace.

Why is it better to put oil in a lamppost used for lighting a lamp than ghee? ..Use oil in the lamppost used to light the lamp. Oil symbolizes the release of Rajoguni waves and ghee for the projection of sattvic waves. Rajoguni action waves are needed to speed up any task. The oil flame awakens the action waves of the gods in the universe and keeps them active; Therefore, it is better to use oil in the lamppost used to light the lamp.

Why light a lamp, not with a candle, but with an oil lamp (hybrid lamp)?The waves emitted by the candle are tama-raja. Due to these waves the atmosphere becomes tamasic and sattvicism is destroyed. When the lamp is lit by a candle, a circle of tam particles is formed around the lamp.

Due to which the action waves of the deity present in the universe attracted to the light of the chandelier are obstructed. In contrast, oil is a symbol of Rajoguna and the flame of oil helps to act by awakening the action waves of the gods present in the universe. Therefore, it is better to use oil lamp (hybrid lamp) used to light the lamp.

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