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Madhya Pradesh is known for its ancient temples and the figures outside the Khajuraho temple are named after the work literature. The temples at Khajuraho were built between 950 AD and 1050 AD. The sculptures of this temple are so beautifully made that no strange thought comes to mind after seeing it.

Because all people are lost in these idols. This is a place that can be visited with a pure heart even with family. Sometimes the question arises in the mind that what would be the idea behind keeping such idols outside the temple? There are four main reasons for this.

First assumption: Some analysts believe that kings and maharajas indulged in luxury in ancient times and provoked many. Due to which various idols were made outside the Khajuraho temple in the posture of naked and sexual intercourse.

Second Myth: Analysts in other communities believe that idols were made for sex education in ancient times. In ancient times, the temple was the only place where people went. The temple was therefore chosen for the punishment of sexual intercourse.

Myth 3: Some analysts believe that salvation has to go through four paths. Dharma means yoga and work. Such idols are believed to have been erected outside the temple in this connection.

Myth 4: Some people consider these idols as protectors of Hinduism. According to these people, the spread of Buddhism was increasing at the time of the construction of Khajuraho. The Chandela rulers tried to save the existence of Hinduism and resorted to this path.

At that time it was believed that all people were attracted. Nude idols would be erected outside this temple and people would come to the temple to see it and later go to see God, which would promote Hinduism.

The world is famous for its stunning artefacts and erotic sculptures. The workmanship at the Khajuraho temple is such that one would be amazed to see who could display it in such a way after so much work.

Throughout the temple there are not only statues but also works of art. About ten percent of the work inside and outside the temple is done by erotic artefacts. Small erotic artifacts have also been made on the long walls of the temples.

But with incredible sculptures and erotic sculptures, there is a question in everyone’s mind as to who made such idols and why. Some scholars believe that these erotic sculptures or erotic arts are a part of the Hindu tradition that is necessary for human beings.

And some scholars believe that sexuality was practiced here in ancient times. What is special about the temples of Khajuraho is that these idols show the postures of erotic art here.

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