Why did Geeta Basra quit acting after marrying Harbhajan? Years later now gave the answer.

Harbhajan’s wife Geeta, who is going to be in for the second time, said the reason for quitting acting after marriage.

Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh’s wife Geeta Basra has been away from the limelight since her marriage. Gita has started giving more time to family instead of Bollywood. In the year 2016, Geeta and Harbhajan had a daughter named Hinaya. Both are going to be parents once again as soon as possible. Kapal has recently announced that Gita will give birth to her second child soon.

In an interview, Gita said that when she is ready, she will think about returning to work, and any woman should follow her passion. Women should not be defined only by their motherhood. “I am moving forward with a working mom, she took good care of her family and whatever we are today is because of her,” said Gita.

“I see him as a source of inspiration,” Gita said. I don’t think women should give up any of their passion. “Being in is a very pleasurable and inward character that I have played in my life,” he said. “My every moment with Hinaya has been filled with love,” Gita said. Not working has been my personal decision.

Gita said that she was enjoying motherhood and enjoying the fact that she was present with her baby at every moment. Whether it’s the first time he walks, the first time he laughs or the first word he says. The Gita also emphasizes that not only motherhood can define you but ultimately it is anyone’s personal decision.

The youngest guest will come home in July:

“I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve done, and when the time comes and I’m ready, I’ll go back to work in every situation,” he said. Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh may become parents for the second time in July. “Things are very different now and this pregnancy has been very difficult,” Gita said in an interview a few days ago about being in a second time.

This information has been compiled from news articles of Aajtak and other national news agencies.

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