Why did Anuj Kapadia leave ‘Anupama’ show? Actress Rupali Ganguly has made this big revelation… Know the whole thing – Deshi Gujarati

The TV serial ‘Anupama’ to be aired on Star Plus is the first choice of the viewers these days. As you all know that soon Anuj Kapadia and Anupama will be seen tied the knot in this show. But between their marriage, the Shah family gets in the way. As soon as the discussion of the couple’s marriage started in the TV serial, the enthusiasm of the viewers to watch the show has increased. However, some members of the Saha family are still not ready for the marriage of the two and they are refusing to marry Anupama.

It is noteworthy that Anupama is adamant on her decision and perseverance this time too. As you all know the last few episodes have shown that some members of the Shah family still have a lot of problems with Atma and Anuj’s marriage. However, in the last few episodes, Anuj Kapadia i.e. Gaurav Khanna has not appeared even once. As a result, fans of the duo have started speculating.

Notably, Gaurav Khanna’s fans are terrified of not appearing in the episode, they feel that Gaurav Khanna has left the show. Due to which now the lovers of this couple have also started a trend on Twitter called #WeMissYouAnujKapdia. Apart from this, some Anuj fans also say that Anuj should not be thrown out of an episode. Not only that, one social media user, expressing his love for Anuj, even wrote that he wants Anuj to return to the show now. Another user wrote that we miss you so much from the last 4 episodes, hope you see us all in the upcoming episode soon.

For your information, after seeing such reaction of Gaurav Khanna’s fans, now Rupali Ganguly has also reacted to all these matters. Rupali Ganguly wrote while sharing a picture of Anuj Kapadia on the story of her Instagram account because everyone is missing her so much. What is special about all this is which post Gaurav Khanna himself has responded to Rupali Ganguly.

Gaurav Khanna shared the story of Rupali Ganguly on his Instagram account and wrote, “Why didn’t I tell you first, I miss you too.” Then one thing became clear. That he’s not going anywhere leaving the show and will be appearing in an upcoming episode soon. Let it be known that the fan following of this couple has increased so much these days that everyone wants to see them together.

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