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‘Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ is a favorite serial for everyone. Fans love the story of this serial as well as its characters. This serial has been making people laugh for many years. For the same reason, people want to know everything connected with this serial. In the Tarak Mehta serial you have often heard a lot about Jethalal or a special place of a member of the society. Which is mentioned in almost every episode of the serial. The Tarak Mehta serial is incomplete without these famous places.

This is the place where all the people of the society live together. The entire set of Gokuldham Society has been prepared in Goregaon. People who come here for a walk must get information about Gokuldham. This set is used if shooting of compound, balcony while shooting of flat is done in Kandivali.

Jethalal Champaklal Gadani is an electronics shop. Every day Jethalal gets ready and goes to his shop. The same shop has a staff of three. Nattukaka, Bagha and Magan. Jethalal’s shop is shown in every episode of the serial. Many of the show’s stories are connected to this shop. The shop is located in Khar area of ​​Mumbai. The owner of this shop is Shekhar Gadiyar who rents out his shop for serial.

Outside Gokuldham Society, Abdul has a shop called All in One. Where essentials are found. Aldul delivers necessities to everyone in the society from his shop. This is the same shop where all the people of the society come together to drink soda. The director of the show keeps the essentials for those who are shooting on set in this shop. But this shop is not real.

Natukaka and Baga, who work in Gada Electronics, eat at Padmavati Restaurant every day. This place is so famous that often Jethalal’s family also comes here for dinner.

Next to Abdul’s all-in-one shop is Chamko Laundry. This is also Abdul’s shop which is run by Subhash.

Roshan Singh Sodhi, a member of Gokuladham Society, runs the garage himself. The garage is often shown in the serial.

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