When visiting Saurashtra, you need to eat Paratha at this place. For the last 45 years, people from Surat, Ahmedabad and Mumbai have been coming here to eat Paratha – Gujarat Info Portal

The people of Gujarat are very fond of food and drink. Everyone loves Gujarati dishes. The people of Gujarat remember the hot weather in the morning. Then today we will tell you about the famous farsan of Gujarat. Not only Gujaratis but everyone is eager to eat it.

If we talk about famous cities of Gujarat, everyone knows about Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surat. But there are some unique things connected with Surendranagar of Saurashtra. Surendranagar is a city in Gujarat which was once a base of British political agents. Surendranagar is a very famous city. Loving people here and everyone loves the delicious food here.

Rajesh Samosa in Surendranagar is very famous. Launched in 1967, the restaurant serves a taste of delicious delicacies. In this restaurant you can find everything like Dhokla, Khaman, Ganthiya. But people come from far and wide to eat the unique samosas here. There are five different types of samosas that seem to have a long line of people to eat.

In this famous restaurant of Surendranagar you can find aloo samosa, Chinese samosa, Punjabi samosa, Jain samosa which cost only 20 rupees. Cheese samosas are available at Rs. Here people stand in line to eat samosas. The samosas here are very tasty. Apart from samosas, Save Khaman is also very popular here.

The special thing about Gujarat is that the people here are crazy about food but anyone who visits Gujarat gets a taste of Gujarat’s famous food. Not only the restaurants of Surendranagar in Gujarat but also the different stalls located here offer very tasty food. People from all over Ahmedabad, Surat and Mumbai come to Mahalakshmi Paratha House in Surendranagar to eat.

Mahalakshmi Paratha House in Surendranagar has been serving delicious parathas to the people for the last 45 years. Which is available at very low prices so everyone comes here to eat paratha. People from Mumbai and from different cities come to Surendranagar to eat Paratha. If you too come to see Surendranagar Ranakdevi Vav and Hawa Mahal then come to this famous place and taste Gujarati food for sure.

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