What kind of house does Khajurbhai Bhai live in?

Khujarbhai fame Nitin Jani and his brother Tarun Jani are working to build new homes for the people affected by the recent natural calamities like hurricanes and floods in Saurashtra. Khujarbhai alias Nitin Jani and his brother Tarun Jani have given new Mako to many poor people living in the villages of Chhewada in Saurashtra.

Everyone is congratulating Khajurbhai, a native of Bardoli, on his deeds. Khajurbhai built new houses for many people but do you know in which house Khajurbhai himself lives. If not today we will tell you about Khujarbhai Ghar. Friends Khajurbhai lives in a luxury bungalow with high facilities.

Khajurbhai was born in 1985 in Broadoli. After studying engineering, he got an opportunity to work in Bigg Boss in 2012 through an IT company. He has also acted in reality shows like Jhalak Dikh Laja, Kaun Banega Crorepati and India Got Talent.

After completing his schooling and graduation from Bardoli, he is currently entertaining people on a YouTube channel called Khajurbhai. He also worked for a while in an IT company after completing his master’s degree and MBA from Pune.

However, Khajurbhai later left his job at an IT company with a salary of Rs.

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