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Lord Krishna is said to wear the peacock’s crown because he wore peacock feathers on his crown. Five reasons are given for wearing peacock feathers, but we understand only one reason. Here is the story of wearing peacock feathers.

1. Sign of Radha: At the time of Maharas Lila, Radha wore a Vajrayanti garland. It is said that once while Krishna was dancing with Radha, a peacock feather dancing with him fell on the ground.

Then Lord Krishna picked it up and placed it on his head. When Radhaji asked him the reason for this, he said that he saw Radhaji’s love in this peacock dance. It is said that Shri Radha Rani had many peacocks here.

It is also said that mother Yashoda used to adorn this peacock feather on her Lalla’s head from her childhood. Things other than this one thing are just arbitrary.

2. All the colors of life: Peacock feathers contain all the colors. The life of Lord Krishna has never been the same. Apart from happiness and sorrow, there were many other emotions in his life. Peacock feathers come in many colors. This life is colorful but if you look at life with a sad mind every color will be colorless and if you look at a happy leopard this world is very beautiful, like a peacock feather.

3. Graha Dosha: Many astrologers believe that Lord Krishna wore these peacock feathers because he had Kalsarpa Dosha in his horoscope. Wearing peacock feathers removes this guilt, but the one who is the protector of the world has no fear of Kalsarpa guilt.

4. Symbol of celibacy: Many people believe that peacock is a symbol of celibacy. A peacock lives with only one peacock for the rest of his life. Drinking peacock tears gives birth to peacocks. That is why Lord Krishna himself wears the feather of such a sacred bird on his head.

5. Enemy and friend alike: It is said that Lord Krishna wants to convey the message by wearing peacock feathers that for me both are equal. Shri Krishna’s brother was the incarnation of Sheshnag and the peacock is the enemy of the snake. Putting peacock feathers on his forehead, he said that he has similarities for friend and foe.

According to the scriptures, Vishnuji has assumed ten incarnations so far, but apart from Krishnaji, he has not worn a peacock crown in any other incarnation. In childhood, when Yashoda Maya crowned Balram and Shri Krishna, Lord Krishna started insisting not to wear the crown. Then Nand Baba placed a peacock feather on the crown. Lord Krishna was very pleased to see them and happily adorned them on his head. The beauty of a crown made of peacock feathers cannot be overstated.

In many stories it is mentioned that Lord Krishna loved peacock feathers so much that he always kept peacock feathers in his crown. While some astrologers believe that the cause is the fault present in Krishna’s horoscope. Krishna always kept a peacock feather on his head to remove the ominous effects of the faults present in the horoscope.

According to many scriptures, Krishna’s Kundli Dosha was discussed in detail at the Jyotish Parishad held in Solan in 1967. A Jain astrologer who arrived there believed that Krishna wore a peacock crown to remove the ominous effects of Kalsarpa Yoga present in his horoscope.

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