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There are many temples of Hanumanji in Rajasthan and two of them are very famous, the first is Balaji Hanuman Temple in Mehndipur and the second is Balaji Hanuman Temple in Salasar. Let us know the miracle of Mehndipur Balaji Hanuman Temple at Dausa in Rajasthan this time.

The figure of Hanumanji appeared automatically There is a place called Ghata Mehndipur between two hills near Dausa district of Rajasthan, where the figure of Hanumanji, called Shri Balaji Maharaj, has automatically appeared in a huge rock. It is considered to be the child form of Hanumanji.

This temple is very famous and wonderful It is believed that this temple is about 1 thousand years old. The deity of Hanumanji here is considered to be very powerful and wonderful and this is why this place is famous not only in Rajasthan but in the whole country.

Along with Hanumanji, Shiva and Bhairavji are also worshiped here. The feet have a miraculous pool At the foot of the idol of Hanumanji is a small tank, the water of which never runs out. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

The ghosts run away from here Here you will see many strange sights, which amaze and frighten people at first sight. Science does not believe in ghosts, but here every day people from far and wide come for liberation, disturbed by the above obstacles and ghostly obstacles, and walk freely.

Water keeps flowing from the hole The special thing about the idol of Mehndipur Balaji is that there is a hole on its left side through which water is constantly flowing. Some even call it Balaji’s sweat. What is its source though? No one knows this. But this water is considered so sacred that its sprinkling protects from the evil eye.

Prasad cannot be taken home in Mehndipur Balaji Temple People with upper disabilities bring family members, relatives or friends. You can neither eat nor give temple offerings to anyone. It is also forbidden to take prasad home here. You cannot take food or perfume to your home from here. It is said that doing so casts a shadow over you.

Darbar Mehndipur Balaji Temple at 2 p.m. There is a rush of people to overcome the above obstacles. There is also a statue of Pretaraj Sarkar and Bhairav ​​Baba. Masal (Kirtan) is held every day at 2 pm in the court of Pretaraj Sarkar. This is where the upper shadow over people disappears.

Balaji is present in the form of a child.In Mehndipur Balaji Temple there is an idol of Lord Rama Sita just in front of the idol of Balaji. Balaji always comes to the place of his beloved. Here Hanumanji is sitting in his child form. There is a rule for those who come here that they should stop consuming onion, garlic, non-vegetarian, alcohol etc. at least a week in advance.

Just as Lord Rama is adorable to the devotees, so is Ramabhakta Hanumanji revered by the devotees. Devotion like Ashtasiddhi, the nine-funded Lord Bajrang Bali, represents an ideal for the whole society. The way Lord Rama crosses this ocean,

In the same way worship of Hanumanji removes all the sufferings of the devotees. There are many famous Hanuman temples in our country. The temple of Mehndipur Balaji (another name of Hanumanji) situated between two hills of Dausa in Rajasthan has a special place among them.

This temple is known for its secrets and strange places which amaze the devotees. But then seeing the grace of God, the devotees bow down to him and get angry. People suffering from the above obstacles are especially brought to this temple, after reaching the footsteps of Hanumanji, the person returns home fully recovered.

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