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In our Bollywood, celebrities are always in the headlines for one thing or another. Many of these actresses become so famous that they don’t need to be identified and many flop after only two films.

He did not give it but because of his acting, he had earned a lot of name at one time. Let me tell you that Vivek Oberoi is the son of famous Bollywood actor Suresh Oberoi. Vivek started his career in Bollywood with the 2002 film ‘Company’.

Vivek Oberoi came into the limelight at a time when he was dating Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai and after a breakup with Ash, Vivek decided to have an arranged marriage and he married Priyanka, daughter of former Karnataka minister Jivraj. And Priyanka is very beautiful in appearance.

Very few people will know about Priyanka and Vivek’s love story, today we are going to tell you about Priyanka and Vivek’s love story. Vivek Oberoi is often in the spotlight when it comes to helping soldiers and soldiers. Come on, today we are going to introduce you to Vivek Oberoi’s beautiful wife, against whom Aishwarya Rai also fades.

According to reports, Vivek’s parents wanted Vivek to get married as soon as possible so that he could forget his past and start a new life. Vivek’s mother reached the house of former Karnataka minister Jivraj without informing anyone. When Vivek came to know about this, he was not ready to meet Priyanka, but over time, things changed and so did Vivek.

He went to meet Priyanka, but before meeting Priyanka, Vivek placed a bet against his mother. Vivek bet and said that if Priyanka likes me I will date her first one year and get married one year later. When Vivek’s mother accepted the condition, Vivek went to see Priyanka at her house.

Priyanka Alva is the daughter of the late Jivanraj Alva, a former minister. Aditya Alva is the son of the late Jivanraj Alva, a former minister. His sister Priyanka Alva is married to Vivek. According to sources, Aditya Alva has been missing for the last one month as police have initiated proceedings against drug peddlers, suppliers and rave party organizers. According to sources, the trio had told NCB people that they were supplying drugs to Kannada film actors and singers.

Let me also tell you that Vivek said in one of his interviews that “Priyanka did not do any makeup at all. Because she wanted to do a real show herself. It was as real as it came to me. I put my jacket on the ground and we both sat on it and talked for hours. I then met Priyanka on 4th July and we got engaged on 7th September and finally got married on 29th October. And then this is how she came into our lives and became my partner.

On Thursday, Bengaluru police raided the home of actor Vivek Oberoi. According to ANI, two Bengaluru police inspectors arrived at Vivek Oberoi’s house at around 1 pm and started raiding. “Aditya Alva is absconding,” a police official said of the raid. We have information that Alva is hiding in her (Vivek Oberoi) house.

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