Veteran actress Sushmita Sen had an affair with the director. There was a commotion in the director’s house.

When this famous director broke up due to an affair with Sushmita Sen, there were so many headaches.

The movie ‘Kasur’ was released on October 6, almost 21 years ago. The film stars Aftab Shivdasani and Lisa Ray in the lead roles. It also hit the box office and made huge profits. Aftab and Lisa were both new faces in the industry. The film was directed by Vikram Bhatt. Despite being a new face, this romantic film won the hearts of the viewers and even today the songs of this film are very much loved. Overnight Aftab and Lisa became stars.

But in fact she was not the true star cast of both the films. The film was first offered to Sushmita Sen. She was to play the role of Seemar Bhargava in the film. Sushmita Sen worked with Vikram Bhatt in the 1996 superhit film Dastak. Despite working with Vikram Bhatt before, Sushmita had parted ways with the film. The reason was the breakup of both.

The protagonist in Kasur was then offered Lisa Ray. Sushmita and Vikram Kasur were 20 and 27 years old during the film. At that time Vikram’s wife was Aditi and he also had a daughter. The faster Vikram and Sushmita’s relationship was discussed, the sooner the two broke up.

In an interview a few years after the breakup, Vikram admitted that the decision to leave his first wife was wrong for Sushmita as the relationship was too raw. He blamed age for this.

Vikram and Sushmita were together for a short time. Meanwhile, the two appeared in an episode of ‘Rondavu with Simi Grewal’. Simi asked Sushmita, “How does it feel to be in a relationship with a married person?”

On top of that Sushmita said, wife and he don’t live together and I can’t feel guilty about it. Nor can it make them feel that they were part of a bad marriage. I am not in awe because I have done what I did openly and thoughtfully. When I met her I knew she was going to get a divorce.

It was not easy for Vikram Bhatt to come out in public and talk about his personal life. Vikram spoke openly to Hindustan Times about marriage, children, the idea of ​​shortening life or trying BDSM. Krishna Bhatt, the daughter of his first wife, praised his interview.

Apart from that, Vikram also spoke about his breakup and remorse with Sushmita. “I regret hurting my wife and suddenly leaving the children behind,” Vikram said. I regret the pain I gave them both. I have always believed that when you do not have the courage, you will become clever.

I did not have the courage to tell Aditi anything inside. Neither had the courage to tell me how I was feeling. Everything was happening at once which was bad. Weakened at the time, I’m sorry about that. I would be a different person today if I had not experienced weakness. Every time I look back on those things, I see that I have learned something from them.

In life now I have moved on. When the marriage with Aditi came to an end, the idea of ​​shortening life came up. He was thinking of going to Ku Di from the sixth floor. That thought did not come to him because of his breakup with Sushmita. But what he did in life came because of it.

Vikram said that I was divorced. My film Ghulam was about to be released. I was just Sushmita Sen’s boyfriend. I was de prad sd. I was missing my daughter. I made my life miserable myself. I don’t think a single relationship in my life has made me or given me anything. I think I’m an ordinary man made up of bad things. It was very difficult for me to talk about anything.

This information has been compiled from news articles of Aajtak and other national news agencies.

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