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IAS Priyanka Shukla is in the discussion on social media. He gives his opinion on many issues as well as inspires educated youth to pass UPSC. Priyanka has become an IAS officer today but the journey has not been easy for her. Priyanka studied MBBS after 12th standard. He then started practicing medicine.

Priyankaji passed the UPSC exam in 2009. At the same time, his childhood dream came true as he had dreamed of becoming an IAS since childhood. He had tried before, but could not be selected. However, Priyanka did not give up and continued her preparations. He made several changes to his strategy and re-covered the course.

The words of the woman touched my heart: Priyanka Shukla did her MBBS from King George Medical University, Lucknow. She was very happy to be a doctor and started practicing. But something happened to him during this time that he decided to become a collector. Priyanka once went to inspect a slum area. Here a woman was drinking dirty water.

The woman was also giving her son dirty water to drink. Priyanka felt very bad about this. They stopped the woman from doing so. The woman immediately responded to Priyanka’s advice – are you a collector of a place? Priyanka was very impressed with this and decided to become an IAS officer at that very moment. Priyanka knew that she had to work hard to pass UPSC.

Priyanka Shukla honored by President: Priyanka Shukla received Chhattisgarh cadre. And they have done their duty in many important positions in this state. She was welcomed by the President for her good deeds. Priyanka was asked in an interview about her journey so far.

“If you have made UPSC your goal, try to pass it in all circumstances,” he said. Sometimes people get frustrated because of failure, but success requires constant effort. Officially successful officer after a lot of struggle, Priyanka UPSC candidates are a source of inspiration.

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