Unique initiative of Gujarati family living in Mumbai, 52-year-old widowed mother’s son and daughter-in-law got married with fanfare – Gujarat Info Portal

It is said that love can happen at any age and if it is true then it can be found. One such news has recently come to light. A 52-year-old widow fell in love. His son came to know about this and the son felt that the mother feels lonely, so the son and wife got the mother married together.

The son of a Gujarati family living in Mumbai started doing this and all around him started getting wah wah. The wedding picture of the 52-year-old mother is rapidly going viral on social media. Everyone is also congratulating him a lot. This is going viral on social media.

Jimit Gandhi, who lives in Dubai, shared the post on social media and praised his mother. In it, he said that his father had died in 2013. Her mother then developed third stage breast cancer. Then there was Corona. Yet the mother did not lose courage.

After recovering from both cancer and coronary heart disease, Kamini Gandhi chose a life partner for herself. Kamini Gandhi, 52, has been suffering from loneliness for the past few years. He also had some diseases. After all, he fell in love with a well-known family friend.

Initially, Kamini did not inform anyone about this for fear of society. Then he talked to his son-in-law about this. Then the son found out. The important thing is that his family members did not protest but supported Kamini Gandhi. They got married on February 14 in Mumbai.

“My mother is married to Kirit Pandya,” Jimit told the media. He said Kirit Pandya is our family friend. That person is very loving and his selfless love keeps my mom happy. I also have a lot of respect and esteem for him. People who read this post of Jimit highly praised his son and at the same time congratulated his mother on her married life.

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