TV actress Sandipa remembers her past while watching Kashmir files

As you may know, The Kashmir Files movie, which people are currently flocking to the theaters to watch, is based on a true story of the atrocities perpetrated on Kashmiri Pandits in the year 150.

Each scene of the film depicts the reality of the lives of people living in Kashmir or those who had fled Kashmir at that time. .

A well-known TV actress has also admitted this recently. TV actress Sandipa, while talking about Kashmir Files recently, told about an incident that happened in her life. The creature was saved.

He told me that my father hid my sister under a seat and hid her under his feet. When I saw this scene in Kashmir files, I was moved from inside. This is my story. There is an important story. That time was very difficult for my family. Although this is a film, justice has not been done yet.

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