Tum bin movie’s beautiful heroine with big eyes caught in the camera after years .. the cameraman’s senses flew away just by seeing ..

You must remember the movie Tum Bin To. The film was a superhit at the box office. Tum Bin starred Sandali Sinha, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Rakesh Vashisht and Himanshu Malik in the lead roles. Sandali Sinha and Priyanshu Chatterjee made their debut with this film. Just a few days ago we told you about Priyanshu Chatterjee. Let’s talk today about Tum Bin’s beautiful heroine Sandali Sinha

After Tum Bin, Sandali Sinha got a chance for many more films, but she could not show any special charisma in them, which led to her getting a side role. He didn’t even know himself when Sandali Sinha came out of the lead heroine league

Even after millions of attempts, Sandali Sinha has not been able to set foot in Bollywood properly. Sandali Sinha took a break of about 7-8 years and made a comeback in Southern films. Today, apart from films, Sandali Sinha is focusing on her business. Did you know that Sandali Sinha is the founder of a bakery today? Today Sandali Sinha is handling the Country of Origin which is one of the largest bakeries in the country. She and her husband laid the foundation of this bakery.

Sandali Sinha has several food chains and is also serving in the hospitality and entertainment industry. Sandali also has two children, but the way Sandali Sinha has kept herself away from films. Sandali was last seen in a special appearance in Tum Bin 2

In September 2016, director Anubhav Sinha hailed the film as an achievement of his career and said: “It is an achievement that Tum Bin has become a very memorable film.” Again in July 2020, on his Instagram, he posted: “Some movies work and some don’t. Very few people live very long lives. I am so thankful that my first film has been selected for 19 years and years of reckoning. This date 2001 changed everything for me. Forever. Thanks team. #TumBin. ” The post received a good response from his colleagues and fans of the film.

In 2021, film critic Reshma Sen wrote: “Simple and easy is the” best “of her style. “Tum Bin” (2001) is the only film that won my heart and left me crying after it was over. I have seen such a beautiful masterpiece all my life.

No violence, no obscene conversations, no sex or nudity, literally nothing depressing. The perfect package of happiness for your whole family. 20 years have passed, but to this day the film is a huge hit. God bless the beautiful cast and crew members of the film.

She comes from an Air Force background. Her father, an officer, died while on duty. His mother raised three children, including Sandali, in Delhi. She received her schooling from Air Force Bal Bharti School and graduated from Jesus & Mary College, Delhi. Sinha Kishore Namit Kapoor went to the Acting Institute. Born into a family of pilots and doctors, Sinha was keen to become a doctor. But a brief experience from an amateur fashion show moved her into the world of modeling

Graduated in Commerce, he shifted to Mumbai for better prospects. In a short time, Sinha became a model. Fame first came through Sonu Nigam’s music video “Deewana”, directed by Anubhav Sinha.

The music video took Sinha to his debut film Tum Bin, directed by Anubhav Sinha and produced by Super Cassettes Industries Limited. In the film, Sinha plays the role of a piano, an innocent woman who falls prey to circumstances. In front of her are three famous models: Priyanshu Chatterjee, Himanshu Malik and Rakesh Vashisht.

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