This young woman from Botad became blind in love with a young man of her father’s age.

Day by day such incidents come up which all the people are going to be surprised to know. A similar incident has come up from Botad. Where a Sagira fell in love with a middle-aged young man and the two got married without thinking.

Dineshbhai Bhai, a resident of Botad district, has got married after falling in love with a girl named Sheetal. Dinesh Bhai is a resident of Botad district and Sheetal is a resident of Surendranagar.

When they saw each other, their eyes met and they fell in love with each other. Seeing the pair, it seems that this father will be a daughter. Love is the only thing that makes anyone fall in love with someone.

People don’t see color or age in love. This is the case that has come up from Botad. The two left home and got married to each other. Both posted their photos on social media. Everyone was shocked to see the photos.

In Shital, the parents are also worried that their daughter’s husband is the same age as her father. The parents explained a lot to their daughter but in the end they did not believe her and left home and married her lover.

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