This woman ran away from the yoga class because of embarrassment, because you can’t stop laughing knowingly.

Laura Majja, 31, of Australia, has two children. Both her children died at a very young age. Due to which he has to face muscle separation. It is a disease in which the abdominal muscles become weak. The physiotherapist advised Lara to start a yoga class to strengthen her muscles.

But on the first day, something happened that made Laura shy away. Then she did not have the courage to go to class again. When he shared his experience on Facebook, people related it to the embarrassing incident. This is the reason why Anne’s post was shared 23 thousand times.

Here is the whole incident:
Laura was terrified when she first arrived at the yoga class. Her dress was also different from other women. Laura started doing tough yoga postures. She suffers from irritable bowel syndrome and has gluten intolerance. Which causes more gas in the body. Laura wrote in her Facebook post that she started to fart during difficult yoga poses. The first two times he tried to stop her voice. However, the other girl noticed the stench.

However, during the third yoga pose, the instructor weighed on her back so that she could bend down more. So there was pressure on Laura’s stomach and she couldn’t control it. It was then that he started farting loudly and the whole class got to know him. Everyone’s eyebrows were raised and they started looking at him. Laura blushed with embarrassment and ran home with her slippers.

She never went to a yoga class again. He shared his experience on Facebook. People there considered it normal and related it to their own experiences. There were more than 19 thousand comments on this post of Laura. People advised her not to be shy and she should definitely go to yoga class.

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