This woman earns crores of rupees by running an old clothes business.

You may have seen people donating old clothes, people may have seen people buying utensils from old clothes, but have you ever seen a person who can earn crores of rupees by selling old clothes? It’s different if you have celebrity clothes.

But recently, a case has come to light in a foreign country in which a woman facing financial hardship has started a business of distributing her old things.

This led to her sharing a photo of her slippers on social media, after which her slippers were sold at a good price and she started a business selling clothes and other antiques, although the woman hoped to close her business at the time of the epidemic.

But even then her business continued. People continued to shop online. This is the reason why this woman made so much money from a small business that today she has started her own company. Let’s say that this woman started this business in the year 2011.

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