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At one time Shri Krishna and Radha had unconditional love and their love is still an excellent example for every loving couple today, they have a lot of faith in them because they believe that if we worship Lord Krishna we will get it too.

A kind of love can be found and like Lord Krishna his love will be unbreakable. As you all know that Radha Rani was not the wife of Krishna, yet her name is taken with great love for Lord Krishna. Even in temples, Radha Rani and Lord Krishna are worshiped together.

Despite the love between the two, they could not get married. What were the reasons behind it, today we are telling you the same, know this secret connected with the life of Krishna and Radha Rani.

Radha Rani got angry at Shri Krishna:According to the Puranas, Lord Krishna and Radha lived in Golok, once they were traveling in a church with their wife Rukmini. Then Radhaji saw Lord Krishna going to church with Rukmini and he became very angry. Living with Rukmini in the church was like a great pain for Radhaji, so she decided to leave.

Shridama cursed Radha Rani:Shridama was a great devotee and servant of Lord Krishna, he could not bear this insult of his lord, he stopped Radha Rani very much, but Radha Rani did not stop despite what Shridama said.

After this Sridama insulted Radhaji. Seeing this kind of behavior of Sridama towards himself, Radha Rani cursed him that he would be born into a demon clan in the next birth and on hearing this, Sridama also cursed Radha Raniji that he would take his next birth in human form.

And she will be separated from her lover. Due to Sridama’s curse, Radha Rani was born as the daughter of Taurus and Kirti. After that Lord Krishna had to go out to kill Kansa and even after that they were separated from each other forever.

Although we have many stories about their lives as to why they could not marry each other, but some stories also state that Lord Krishna believed that both existed in one, both in each other’s souls. And how can a man marry his soul? That is why Lord Krishna did not marry Radha.

Rukmini was another form of Radha Rani ji:Like Radha Rani, Rukmini also had unconditional love for Lord Krishna. He had already accepted Lord Krishna as his spouse and Lord Krishna also loved Rukmini with all his heart and some people even say that Rukmini was another form of Radha Raniji, so Lord Krishna married her.

Why don’t you get married Even though Radha does not remember anything about Golok, Lord Krishna sometimes gives dreams of Golok and sometimes darshan in his eyes. Radha also falls in love with Sri Krishna. But Ayan, the son of Radha’s child friend and Mahapandit Ugrapat, also falls in love with Radha. He keeps trying to kill Shri Krishna to settle Radha.

Together with King Kansa, he summons one Asura after another to take Krishna away from Radha. But, Radha-Krishna cannot be separated. Only then during an incident Radha’s father has to promise his best friend Ugrapat that he will definitely fulfill a demand of Ugrapat once in his life. When the opportunity arises, Ugrapat talks of marrying his son Ayan to Radha.

However, Radha’s father wanted to marry Radha to Shri Krishna and he announced his retirement for not fulfilling his promise. Only then, Shri Krishna remembers the curse given by Shri Dham to Radha in Golok. Shri Krishna mentions this to Radha and tells her not to get married. He also tells Radha to follow her daughter’s religion.

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