This terrifying looking building is actually a Buddhist temple, find out where this scary temple came from

A strange temple is located in the Samphran district of Thailand. About 40 miles[40 km] from Bangkok is a dragon-like Buddhist temple. There is a huge statue of Buddha in it.

However, according to a report, the name of this place is rarely found in the guide book. That is why it has not developed into a major tourist destination. No information is available about who made this and when.

People climb from the dragon to the people:
There are small statues of Buddha in the temple. The size of this building is so big because it also has a water tank. Climb the dragon wrapped around the building and you reach the top of it. However, the steps are so old that climbing them can be dangerous. That is why some part of this temple has been closed to outsiders. The locals consider this temple to be extremely sacred. People from far and wide come here to visit.

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