This temple of “Witch Foi Ba” is especially miraculous for Vandhas.

It is said that where there is faith there is no need for proof. Today we’re going to talk about a belief you’ve never heard of. WitchFaba or wherever you believe, Mindfulness is complete, and if you are looking for a partner and can’t find a partner, then Witch Faba. Where did this temple come from after completing the mental task of finding a mate?

Zampa village in Sanand taluka of Ahmedabad district. Chidail Phal Banu Temple is located in Jampa village at a distance of 35 km from Sanand. The villagers believe that no one left 20 years ago. Because someone was scared.

But one day the witch saw Atmarambhai of Zapgam. Although Atmarambhai was not frightened, seeing his form, Atmarambhai ben him. Since then a small temple was built, and Atmarambhai made a sister, that is why the people of the village call her witch Faiba.

From then until today no one is afraid in this place, but wishes come true. A temple has been built next to Bhuva Atmarambhai’s farm. However, on Sundays and Tuesdays, people come to the Wich Fai Bana temple to fulfill their wishes.

Devotee Rameshbhai Gohel says that there is no idol in the temple of witch Faiba. There is only one intact lamp, and around the small temple are photographs, saris and bracelets for decoration. And there are saris and pictures that complete the mental work of the devotees.

That is, those who do not have children want children there. Also those who want to get married and can’t find a partner also believe in the witch Fiba, and after meeting the spouse, they put a picture of both in the temple of the witch Fiba.

So after the child is born, the photo of the child is placed in the temple. Therefore devotees wear sari on witch’s faba in the form of bangle. Sari is offered to witch faiba. All the saris are tied in the streets, and no one can take the things offered to the temple of the witch Faiba, and if anyone does, he must return by evening.

People usually register with the marriage bureau to find a mate. Or the spouse goes to the fair of choice in his own society. But there is also a temple in Jampa where aspiring witches are praying for their companions with their heads bowed in the temple of Faiba.

There are many people who believe that the witch Faba has fulfilled her dream, which means that the pictures of this temple show that there are pictures of husband and wife in the temple. Faiba has become a temple. The villagers have made a shocking revelation behind Dakan Mata’s temple, which is in your hands to believe or not to believe.

The villagers said that road accidents happen in this place every day. Which is why people are so scared to come this way. If you come here too, you will see a lot of saris hanging on the trees on both sides of the road, which will make you realize that you have come very close to the Temple of the Witch Mother.

The villagers said that there is always a rush of devotees in the temple of the witch mother. And here people from all corners of the country come to see the witch mother. Villagers said that behind the frequent road accidents, people thought that the main reason could be ghosts. Thus the villagers found the temple of the witch mother built in the main center of the accident. The temple was built in the year 2010.

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