This small helicopter made with Jugaad technology is getting headlines on social media.

Jugaad is a technology that is sometimes beyond our and your imagination. Speaking of India, people have done a lot of such work with Jugaad technology, which you can call invention. Nowadays a similar video is making headlines on social media, in which a person has built a machine-like helicopter with juggling. The special thing is that this video which is going viral on social media is showing the next revolution of agriculture, so let’s not overdo it and explain what and how this little helicopter works.

A video is rapidly going viral on social media these days, in which a helicopter like this machine has raised the spirits of the people. Along with the digital age, agriculture is also becoming more modern, which is benefiting the farmers immensely. In such a situation, this video trending on social media is nothing short of an invention for farmers. The video shows a small helicopter-like device. The device is being flown to the heights of the sky with the help of a remote. The video shows how this tiny helicopter is so easily irrigating the flying fields. In addition to this spraying of medicine or pesticide can also be done very easily in minutes on several acres of land simultaneously with this device. People don’t get tired of applauding after watching this video on social media.

IFS Sudha Ram has posted a video of this wonderful juggling machine from its official Twitter handle. While uploading this video, he wrote in the caption, ‘The next revolution in agriculture’. Fans are not only surprised to see this wonderful innovation, but also find it very helpful for farmers. Some Twitter users say that this will save farmers time and money, while others say that this innovation is beneficial for big farmers, but it is neither affordable nor beneficial for small farmers.

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