This singer also arrived in America along with Kinjal Dave and Geeta Rabari.

Friends, we all know that at present the popularity of Gujarati music is found all over the world. People like Gujarati bhajans, songs, bhavai etc. very much. We all know that Gujarati music and Gujarati musicians are loved a lot by people from all over the world.

We all know that Kinjal Dave recently went on a trip to Dubai with her future husband Pawan Joshi and popular musician Urvashi Radya. After which recently married Alpa Patel also went to Andaman and Nicobar Islands to enjoy honeymoon with Bharthar Uday Gajera.

Apart from this, Kutchi Koyal i.e. Geeta Ben Rabari entered America with her husband Prithvi Rabari and from there came across many pictures of her magnificent folk diary. Santhal i.e. Bhuvaji also went for a walk with the Dubai family. Pictures of all these people are currently going viral on social media.

In the midst of all this, it has been found that once again more Gujarati musicians have gone abroad whose pictures are currently going viral on social media. We are here to talk about Divya Chaudhary from Banaskantha who has just arrived in America.

We all know that Divya Chaudhary has arrived in America with a special program at the time of Chaitra Navratri which is going on. Many pictures of her are going viral. Pink was seen in jagis and cream t-shirt.

At this time, while carrying a travels bag in one hand and a purse in the other, the people who were posing for him kept on watching. Divya Chaudhary has many fans on social media with whom Divya Chaudhary shares photos and videos from time to time.

Divya Chaudhary is currently in America with Geeta Rabari and Kinjal Dave on the occasion of Navratri program where they are calling Suroni Ramzat to save the Gujaratis living there. The video of this program is also going viral on social media which people are liking a lot.

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