This model wants to marry 2 more even after 9 marriages, all together want children

A bizarre wedding in Brazil last year shocked the whole world. A model named Arthur O’Rourke has made headlines by marrying not one, not two, but 9 women. However, people on social media trolled Arthur O Urso a lot for this. You will be surprised to know that even the heart of this model is not full even after 9 marriages. It is reported that the man is now going to marry two more women and will increase the number of his wives to ten. According to a report published in the website Mirror, a wife of model Arthur is divorcing him.

So Arthur decided that he would marry two more women and increase the number of wives to 10. You will be surprised to know that she was his first wife who inspired Arthur to marry 9 women. Arthur’s first wife is Luana Kazaki, an adult model. The couple decided to have this fantastic wedding after celebrating their honeymoon. Now the model wants two more marriages besides 9 marriages and from all that she wants children. However, since these marriages did not turn out as he had hoped, he has now decided to do something else.

After all, what is the reason behind getting two more marriages? Were shocked. Model Arthur O’Rourke’s wedding photos went viral on social media, after which she became the talk of the world, but now after so many marriages, her desire has not diminished. One of the model’s nine wives is divorcing him.

Because he believes that the idea of ​​polygamy is not as attractive as he thought. Arthur said he has an only fan page where he earns £ 56,000 or £ 56 million a month. “There is no point in this, we have to share,” he added. He said of his wife’s divorce, “I was very saddened by the divorce and more shocked by her excuse.

The model, who lives with nine wives, said he wanted children with all his wives. He says that if he has children from only one or two wives, it will not be suitable for the rest of the wives. That is why he has decided that he will have children from all his wives. Model Arthur is from Brazil. He made headlines when he married nine women last year. He named it ‘Free Love Celebration’. Arthur now says that one of his wives wants to get a divorce.

Arthur’s first wife is Luana Kazaki. Arthur was married in a church in November last year. Arthur’s wife has spoken of divorce. Arthur’s wife said she no longer believes in polygamy. “She always wanted me to be with her, but that doesn’t happen,” said Arthur. Arthur said, ‘My other wives think his attitude is not right. I know I lost my wife.

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