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There is more than one wonderful temple in India whose architecture can blow anyone’s mind. Most of these temples date from 7th century to 16th century. Due to which, seeing the design of these temples, even the scientists are amazed at how these temples were built by the craftsmen of that time without any technology.

But while scientists consider him an example of excellent science and architecture, on the other hand, he is a symbol of true faith for the people. Many strange objects are often found in many temples in India, which people consider to be a miracle of God or a specimen of scientific science.

Like many temples in India, the lamp does not run on oil but on water. Where there is true faith behind all this, there is also some scientific reasoning behind it. But there are many temples in India too, against which even scientific reasoning fails.

The mountainous region of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in northern India is famous as Devbhoomi. The whole place is inhabited by gods and there are wonderful temples of gods and goddesses. Anyone will be amazed to know his fame.

And one such temple of Devbhoomi is the land of the gods in Himachal. Which is famous as the hunter goddess. This temple is not as luxurious as other temples in India, but the faith and architectural quality of this temple will surely impress you.

This temple of Devbhoomi, whose specialty is that this temple is in a state of the country where there is a lot of snow. Even though thousands of tourists come to see it, you will never see snow on the top of this temple. Because there is never snow on the temples of this temple.

And if you wish, you can come here in winter season and see the temple of Shikari Devi. It has been snowing in Himachal recently too, but you can clearly see the dead bodies of this temple.

If viewed from a scientific point of view, the top of the temple will have a needle-like edge, which makes it impossible to keep snow here, but if it does not cause snow here, then there should be snow. Even the snow on the roof doesn’t stay there.

The temple of Devbhoomi, to which the people have unshakable faith, and in which there are many secrets besides the absence of ice, is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. The power of this temple is also believed by the Chief Minister here. Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh came to this temple with the wish of his son.

After which they had a son. Apart from this, former Chief Minister Dhumal Singh has also promised to come here and build a ropeway as the temple is at an altitude of 11,000 feet, which takes a long time to reach. Just, whatever the temple is, there must be faith. And it is the faith of the people in this temple that enhances the power of this temple.

If you wish, you can come here in winter season and see the temple of Shikari Devi. The people of this temple of Devbhoomi have unshakable faith and there are many secrets in this temple apart from not staying in the snow, this temple is considered as one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. The Chief Minister has also acknowledged the power of this temple. Just, whatever the temple is, there must be faith. Only the faith of the people in the temple increases the power of any temple.

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