This is the most expensive vegetable in the world, more expensive than gold or silver – Gujarat Info Portal

India is the Minister of Agriculture. Many vegetables, grains and pulses are grown here. At present, the price of all vegetables in India has skyrocketed. But today we are going to tell you about one of the most expensive vegetables not only in India but in the world. You can buy 10 grams of gold for this 1 kg of vegetables.

This special type of vegetable is called hop shoot. It is one of the most sought after vegetables in Europe. The flower of this vegetable is called Hop Con. Which is used in beer. Hop shout stalks are made into vegetables. Some people also make pickles of these vegetables. The flowers of this vegetable are very spicy in taste.

Rameshbhai, a farmer living in Aurangabad district of Bihar, is cultivating this special type of vegetable. He has started cultivating this vegetable in five hectares of land under the supervision of Indian Vegetable Research Center. If they succeed in cultivating these vegetables, the fate of Bihar farmers may change.

Hop shoots have a variety of antibiotic properties. So it is also used as an herb. It is used in everything from toothache to TB treatment. It can also be eaten raw. But it is very bitter. The cost is very high due to the many benefits. Its price per 1 kg is one lakh rupees. Which is the most expensive vegetable in the world.

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