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This ghat is the most famous of the 84 ghats of Benaras as the cheetah burns here round the clock, its discussions far and wide. This Manikarnika Ghat is situated on the banks of river Ganga. People from home and abroad come to see this ghat. There are many ancient stories associated with this ghat.

Cheetahs are burned for 24 hours at Manikarnika Ghat. One chaita after another and another after another, this chakra continues like this. Hence Manikarnika Ghat is also known as Maha Smashan. There is also a famous temple of Shiva and Maa Durga, which was built by the king of Magadha.

According to mythology, Lord Vishnu also worshiped Lord Shiva on this ghat for thousands of years. Vishnu sought blessings from Shiva that Kashi should not be destroyed even at the time of destruction of the universe. Pleased with Vishnu’s prayers, Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati came here. Since then it is believed that salvation is attained here.

Cheetah fire has not been extinguished for years About Manikarnika Ghat in Kashi it is believed that cheetahs are burning here round the clock. The world may go from here to there, but the fire of the cheetah is burning here, when Lord Shiva’s wife Mata Parvati cursed and said that the fire here will never be extinguished. There are many stories about this place.

The ghats are reached through the narrow alleys. Smoke can be seen from afar on reaching there. People come here for the funeral, so crowded that there is no place to set foot. You have to go through small alleys to reach the ferry. People form their groups and sit in different places on the ferry.

There are thousands of shops in the streets one after another selling samosas, longlatta, kachori and jalebi. There were also many shops selling yogurt, lassi and cheese. But most of the shops were for funeral supplies.

After bathing in the pool, Panchkoshi Yatra starts. The atmosphere of Manikarnika Ghat does not look like night even from ten to twelve o’clock at night. There was also a pan shop near the ghat where snack packets and other items were also sold. The name of the shop was ‘Balram General Store’.

Which starts only after bathing in Manikarnika Kund. There are five kosha temples in Benaras. The first is the Manikarnika Ghat, the second is the Kardameshwar Temple, the third is the Rameshwar Temple, the fourth is the Draupadi Kund of Shivpuri and the fifth is the lithograph of the Kupuldhara scales.

Even after getting a lot of information related to history, it is still not known why the fire has not been extinguished here for years and what is the story behind it? Then a person said in Banarasi style that ‘this is a clean place, brother, this is where Logan’s salvation was found’. He said that Manikarnika has a curse that fire is burning here for 24 hours.

Once Parvati was taking a bath. Her earring fell into the pool, which contained a gem. It took a lot of hard work to find it. But if his earring was not found, mother Parvati became very angry and cursed that my gem was not found, this place will always burn.

He also said that this is the reason why the place got the name Manikarnika. People come here to bury their loved ones. After learning about the history of Manikarnika, it is also important to know what has changed here in recent years.

Chawla named Babu Lal, who was present at the ghat, said that he was born here, he has lived here for three generations. Babu Lal said that after the construction of Kashi Vishwanath Corridor, both the image and the destiny of Manikarnika have changed. But in the last few years so much has been built here that work is underway. Babu Lal said that after the completion of the work, Manikarnika Ghat will shine completely.

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