This guy catches the weirdest poor fish in the world, one creature was like a cheese burger, look at the rare sea creatures you haven’t seen

You will see many strange looking animals and birds in the world, there are many rare animals and birds that many people see for the first time in their lives and are amazed to see them, now pictures of such rare fish are going viral on social media. , Which you will also be annoyed to see.

A fisherman catches a strange looking fish. Which is very unique in appearance, but if looked at carefully, this fish is reminiscent of ‘Baby Dragon’. At the same time, this is not the first time that a fisherman has caught such a unique fish, he has caught a different and special fish. He has caught many such special fish and sea creatures before. He is also a photographer, while he has over 6 lakh followers on Instagram.

This special and unique fish was caught by a Russian fisherman. Roman Fedortsev, 39, often uses a trawler to catch many fish, such as cod, haddock and mackerel, sometimes even fishing up to 3,000 feet below sea level.

He had recently caught such a fish in his net, which became the center of attraction due to its special appearance. Online users renamed it ‘Newborn Baby Dragon’. Which is very special in appearance. However, the fish was later identified as Chimera. Which is a cartilaginous fish. Cartilaginous fish are also known as ghost sharks.

Roman Fedora has recently discovered many wonderful and unique looking marine creatures. All of these creatures made a lot of headlines on the Internet. Fedortsev discovered most of the sea creatures from the Norwegian and Barents seas in northern Russia. He also found many strange looking creatures in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Photos of several sea creatures captured by Roman Fedortsev have gone viral on social media. He also shared a picture of a sea creature and this sea creature looked exactly like a cheese burger. The image of this sea creature that looks like a cheese burger was also very much liked by the users.

Roman Fedortsev’s account is full of such sea creatures, the pictures and videos shared by him are also very popular and many people get the opportunity to see such a unique life for the first time in their lives. You may have seen such creatures for the first time.

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