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Azim Premji is a man from India who is less known as a businessman and more as a philanthropist. Premji is the founder of Wipro, one of the top IT companies in India. Wipro’s total assets are 3 lakh 46 thousand 537 crore rupees. To understand how a small company turned into a multi-million dollar multi-national corporation, you need to know the journey of Azim Premji’s life.

There are many stories of simplicity, honesty, adventure and hard work in the life journey of the Padma Bhushan awardee Premji. Azim was born to a businessman there. His father Mohammad Hashim Premji was a well known rice trader. He had a big rice business in Burma. Due to which he was called the Rice King of Burma.

They came to India from Burma i.e. present day Myanmar and settled in Gujarat. Even after coming to Gujarat, he started rice business. Gradually he became one of the largest rice traders in India. It is said that in 1945, due to some British policies, they had to close down their rice business.

Then Azim Premji’s father started making vegetable ghee in 1945 and started a company called Western Indian Vegetable Products Limited. The company made vegetable oil and laundry soap. It can be said that this company was established in the birth year of Azim Premji. Azim was born on July 24, 1945. His company was founded on December 29, 1945.

Azim Premji’s family was in good condition and he did not have any problem during the initial study. He attended school in Mumbai and then went on to do electrical engineering at Stanford University in the US. Azim Premji was 21 years old at the time. But it is said that there are some difficult situations in life.

While studying at Stanford in 1966, he learned that his father had died. So Azim Premji had to return home. This time was really difficult for Azim Premji. One Dougal after another was testing their faith and courage. At the age of 21, Azim Premji decided to run the company himself.

But his decision was opposed by shareholders of the same company. He said a 21-year-old boy with no particular job experience would not be able to handle the company. However, this could weaken the 21-year-old’s morale. But Aziz Premji took it as a challenge and took over the company.

By 1977 the business was booming. Azim Premji then changed the name of the company to Wipro. Wipro then teamed up with American company Sentinel Computers to build microcomputers. There was a technical sharing agreement with Sentinel Computers. Shortly afterwards, Wipro began building software to support its hardware.

One day an employee parked his car in the premises of his office where Azim Premji was parking his car. When the company officials came to know about this, they only parked Premji’s car at this place. When Azim Premji came to know about this, he opposed this rule. He said anyone could park their car there. If I have to park my car there I have to come to the office first.

We all know about Danvir Karna. They never returned empty-handed. Azim Premji is also like that. Azim Premji has used most of his earnings to donate. He has acquired more than 60 shares of his stock in the name of the foundation running in his name. This institute is involved in many other activities ranging from school education in many states of India. Azim Premji donated about Rs 22 crore every day, a total of Rs 7904 crore.

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