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The superstars of the South are dominant these days. Whether it is films or songs, everything is making a fuss in Hindi speaking areas. Recently there has been a movie called RRR. The film is making waves not only in the South but in the whole of North India. The magic of this film is speaking in the minds of the people.

The actors have done a tremendous job in this film. Especially the acting of both the heroes of the film Ram Charan and Jr. NTR has done wonders. The photo we are showing you is of the childhood of one of these two heroes. Your challenge is to identify which of the two is the hero.

Find out who this super star hero is .. If you do not know which of the two children is the hero in the hands of his superstar father, we reveal this secret. This beautiful little baby is none other than Ram Charan. Ramcharan has played the role of police in RRR which is very strong. Her superstar Papa Chiranjeevi is a big name in this photo.

Ramcharan has been in the Telugu film industry for a long time. Now it is also making a home in the hearts of Hindi viewers. He has many films that gave him recognition in North India. One of these was the film ‘Magadhira’ in which he played the role of a protector and lover of a princess. Nowadays people know Ram Charan because of the film.

Ramcharan is 37 years old. Chiranjeev’s son Ramcharan is currently 37 years old. He was born on March 17, 1985 in Tamil Nadu. Her father’s name is Superstar Chiranjeevi and mother’s name is Surekha. Ramcharan also has two sisters named Shreeja and Sushmita. Ram Charan became the executive chairman of Apollo Hospital in 2012. Reddy’s granddaughter Upasana was married to Kaminey.

He started his career with the film Chirutha. However, he was identified at home from Rajamouli’s Magadhira. He has not looked back since this film. She starred in the 2013 Bollywood film Zanjeer. The film proved to be a super flop. He has never worked in Bollywood since then.

Ramcharan owns the airline. Ramcharan has done many films after Magadhira. There are many films ranging from Orange, Rachna, Nayak, Tufan, Yevdu. Yevdu also proved to be his superhit film. Apart from films, Ramcharan has also opened his own projection house. He named it ‘Conidella Production Company’. It was opened in the year 2016 by Ram Charan.

Very few people know that Ramcharan does business apart from films. It has its own airlines. Its name is True Jet which is a Hyderabad based airline. He also has a polo team called Hyderabad Polo Riding Club. Along with this, Ramcharan is also one of the board of directors of MAA TV.

On June 14, 2012, Ramcharan Teja met Pratap C., Executive Chairman, Apollo Hospital. Reddy’s granddaughter Upasana married Kameeni. Apollo Hospitals has several multi-specialty hospitals across the country. Apart from this they also have many businesses.

According to media reports, Ramcharan Teja owns assets worth $ 175 million or about Rs 1292 crore. His source of income is not only from movies but also from other sources. Ram Charan’s main sources of income include shares of airline company, Polo Riding Club, Obstacle Running Series, Devil’s Circuit, Conidella Production Company and Maa TV.

Ramcharan is a director of Trujet Airlines. He made his debut in 2013. It is headquartered in Hyderabad. Apart from the South, the airline also serves Maharashtra and Goa. Ramcharan advertises many popular brands in the South. These include companies like Pepsi, Tata Docomo, Volana and Apollo Jio. Ramcharan’s brand endorsement fee is around Rs. 1.8 crores. He has also made a personal investment of about Rs 150 crore.

Ramcharan is fond of luxury cars. His collection includes luxury cars such as the Aston Martin (58 million) and BMW-7 Series (1.32 million), Mercedes-Benz S-Class (2.73 million), and Range Rover Vogue (35 million). The value of these vehicles is more than 13 crores.

Ramcharan has bought a new house in Jubilee Hills, the poorest area of ​​Hyderabad in February 2019. The house is worth about Rs 38 crore. Let me tell you that Ramcharan already owns a luxurious house worth about Rs 100 crore. It has world class facilities. The walls of the house are decorated with expensive paintings.

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