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Wellington: Every Indian wants to travel abroad at least once in his life. If you also like to travel, then this dream of yours can be fulfilled for free. Well known German businessman Carl Ripon will fulfill your dream.

Carl Ripon needs 10 people to overcome his loneliness in his farmhouse in New Zealand. He will not charge for this. You just have to be his friend and have fun with him. In this farm house you will find all the facilities of the world for free.

The 220-hectare Avecino Estate in New Plymouth, New Zealand was purchased by Carl in 2000. This farmhouse has all the amenities. However, he does not have good friends. He is haunted by the memory of friends at the farm house and that is why he has made this offer.

Carl Rippen has published an advertisement in a local newspaper in which anyone between the ages of 18 and 70 (male or female) can spend their holidays at the Avicenna Estate. A villa can accommodate two people and a person can bring his own horse if he has one. Near the Avicino Estate is the River Avico, where you can go swimming, fishing, kayaking, bird watching as well as morning and evening walks along the river. If you are fond of wildlife, you can see many kinds of animals.

The .5 8.5 million (approximately 5 605 million) Avicenna estate is home to a number of villas within New Zealand’s Tasman Sea, with facilities including an indoor horse race center. Carl Rip decided to sell the villa in 2016 and set a selling price of .5 8.5 million, but no buyer was found at the time. So who are you waiting for? You can contact the Karl Heinz Reipen Trust if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

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