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Salman Khan is famous for his action image. He has also done well in comedy and emotional drama films, but when it comes to dance, Salman misses sixes. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Salman aint for me either.

This has been revealed by none other than her co-star Ayesha Julka herself. Popular 90s actress Ayesha was actually part of a reality show. Where he revealed this secret about Salman. Ayesha worked with Salman in the film Qurban, which was her first film.

Ayesha said that Salman was nervous about the dance. He often told the choreographer not to give him any dance steps. He asked the choreographer if he should be allowed to enter by walking during the song, while the heroine would force him to dance. Ayesha further added that she appreciates Salman’s confidence that he gradually worked on his dancing skills and now he is a great dancer.

Ayesha revealed that she has also done many live shows with Salman. Let me tell you that Ayesha has acted in many Hindi films including ‘Jo Jita Wohi Sikandar’, ‘Dalal’. She was considered one of the top actresses of the 90’s. After the marriage, Ayesha stopped working in films.

Talking about Salman, his last film was Antimo The Final Truth. His next film is Tiger 3 in which he will be seen with Katrina Kaif. Ayesha was giving many hits in Bollywood when she suddenly decided to get married. She married construction tycoon Sameer Vashi in 2003.

After this he removed himself from the limelight. Ayesha is enjoying her married life these days, though people wonder why Ayesha didn’t have children after marriage. Ayesha also revealed this in a recent interview to a channel. “I don’t have kids because I didn’t want them,” she said.

I spend a lot of time and energy in my work and in the service of society. Ayesha further said, “I want my decision to be good for the whole family. I am very lucky to have a partner like Samir. Sameer kept me the way I wanted to be. There was no pressure on me and my decision was respected.

Let me tell you that Ayesha Julka made her Bollywood debut in 1991 with the film ‘Kurban’. However, his real success came with Mansoor Khan’s film ‘Jo Jita Wohi Sikandar’. In this film, she became the heroine of Aamir Khan. The film was a huge hit and Ayesha’s look was highly praised.

Apart from Aamir, his pairing with Akshay Kumar was also a hit. The duo was seen in many films like ‘Khiladi’, ‘Dil Ki Baazi’, ‘Waqt Hamara Hai’ and people liked this film. News of Ayesha and Akshay’s affair also made headlines in those days.

However, the two never confirmed the news and continued to work together. Apart from Akshay, Ayesha’s name was also associated with Nana Patekar. However, so far no relationship has reached marriage. At the same time when Samir came into Ayesha’s life, he got married.

Speaking of the film, Ayesha was last seen in the film ‘Genius’ in the year 2018. She is running a business with her husband these days. He recently bought Samrock Construction Company, a clothing line, a spa and a boutique resort in Goa.

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