These washing machines are cheap as well as portable and extremely small, now get rid of rubbing clothes! Price less than 2 thousand

Most homes today have a washing machine that shines your clothes every day. But those who study or work and live alone usually do not buy a washing machine and do not wash their own clothes. If you are one of these people, we have some washing machine options for you, which you can buy very cheaply. These washing machines are cheap as well as portable and extremely small and can be used without any difficulty.

Bucket Size Washing Machine: The Hilton 3kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is as small as a bucket and you can keep it in any room. This semi-automatic washing machine comes with a capacity of 3 kg and you can wash five to six clothes at a time. In this, you are also given a special spinner attachment which you can use for drying clothes.

It is easy to use by plugging in, it is extremely lightweight and also features automatic power off. In this way, it also saves electricity. The washing machine that comes with the dryer basket costs Rs. 5,999 but Rs. 1,994, including discounts and exchange offers.

This foldable washing machine is as small as a tiffin: on Amazon you will find another unique washing machine that you can fold and keep after use. The OpenJa Mini Foldable Portable Washing Machine is a washing machine that can be kept in a cupboard as small as a tiffin after use.

This is a USB powered, top loaded automatic washing machine that washes clothes in 10 minutes. This saves both electricity and water. Although it is priced at Rs 9,999 but you can buy it from Amazon for Rs 5,399.

You will find many more such portable washing machine options on Amazon.

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