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How much do you believe in ghosts? These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Some believe in ghosts and some say there are spirits and some believe it is just a matter of the mind. We are not asking you to trust him or her. However, there are some incidents that make people feel something strange and different.

This has happened not only to ordinary people but also to celebrities when they realize someone other than themselves. Let me tell you everyone’s experiences.

Bipasha Basu .. Bollywood’s hot Bengali Bala Bipasha has done many ghost and horror films in her career. Of these, Raj was the biggest hit. His last film Alone was also based on ghosts.

Bipasha herself has understood this. While Bipasha was shooting for the movie ‘Gunah’ at Mukesh Mills, she noticed something strange. She did not remember his line and was disturbed for many days. Not only that, another film was being shot at the same location. It is said that the heroine of the film lost her soul and died in the hospital.

Imran Hashmi .. Imran Hashmi has also experienced ghosts and unnatural things. Imran Hashmi once said that he had gone on holiday with his friends. There was no one else in the hotel where he stayed. Suddenly he heard a man screaming, then he ran to the place where the noise was coming from. He kept hearing screams for a long time, but he didn’t get any. The next day he first took another hotel.

Ranveer Singh .. During the shooting of Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer Singh also felt something was amiss. Not only that, he himself understood the existence of Bajirao’s soul. He said he saw a figure on a black board that looked exactly like Peshwa Bojirov. Ranveer said that it was a product of his brain that there really was someone.

Govinda .. A similar horror comedy happened with King Govinda. He was shooting the film in a hilly place. For this he stayed in a hotel. He said that when he suddenly opened his eyes at midnight, he felt a woman sitting on his chest. As well as the whole room was scattered.

Saroj Khan .. One such incident happened with the famous choreographer Saroj Khan, who made the biggest heroines dance at his behest. She was staying at the hotel with a group of her. He suddenly felt that someone was repeatedly moving upstairs furniture. When he complained about the noise, he was told there was no floor upstairs.

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