These Bollywood actresses came out very shameless, took off their clothes and put on hot bras ….

The show Lock Up, hosted by Kangana Ranaut, has been the talk of the town for a number of reasons. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Poonam Pandey. Poonam promised her fans that she would take off her T-shirt in front of the camera. Finally, he has fulfilled that promise. She took off her T-shirt in front of the camera and went to the top. In last week’s show,

When she was nominated, she was very upset. After which she went in front of the camera and asked her fans to save her by giving maximum votes. He also promised to take off his T-shirt in front of the camera if he survived the nomination. When the day of judgment finally came, the show’s host Kangana Ranaut said that Poonam got the highest number of votes and Poonam survived.

Everyone thought he would not keep his promise, but he took off his T-shirt when no prisoner was present. Poonam said that I have kept my promise to be top and I can do nothing more than this, because this show is watched by people of all ages and I do not want to do anything that will harm me and the reputation of the show. Not only that, he also said that I have to keep my promise and not exceed the limit. “I will do anything for those who are waiting to see me take off my T-shirt,” he added. Poonam Pandey is spending her days in Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Lockup’ these days. It has been in the headlines for the last several days.

A video is going viral on social media in which two contestants are talking about her hobby of living without clothes, then they finish it, then Poonam Pandey comes in front of the camera and quickly takes off her t-shirt, then she Also wears. However, after the act, Poonam Pandey came in front of the camera and apologized. He says he made a promise, so it had to be fulfilled. I apologize to anyone who has been hurt by this act. I have done this work in moderation. He then again appeals to viewers to keep him in the ‘lockup’, and promises to give them more entertainment.

This is not the first time Poonam Pandey has been featured in Kangana’s reality show. Even before this she has often been in discussions about revealing personal life secrets in lockups and sometimes fighting with other members. Poonam Pandey has fought the most in the lockup. His fiercest fight was with Nisha Rawal. When Poonam Nisha asked him for a blanket, he refused. Poonam’s mercury goes up on this. He gets angry and snatches the blanket and gets out of there. In the meantime she calls Nisha a bald housewife.

On which even Nisha does not remain silent and abuses her. Poonam Pandey was also seen talking to Anjali Arora about her video. He said his relatives used to cast spells on him. On which he said that people download his video and watch it at night. People lie about it in the morning. People follow the hidden way, in such a situation I am shameless then they. Poonam also revealed about her husband Sam Bombay in ‘Lockup’. He said he was hitting her hard. She once suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Poonam Pandey also mentioned her poverty in the lockup. Sitting with Munawwar Farooqi, Anjali Arora and Shinde, Poonam was seen saying that her family was struggling financially. With no money to eat, he and his family ate rice with salt water. With this he said that I am happy that I am taking care of my family. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about me.

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