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There are many great actors in the Bollywood industry. You may have often heard of Bollywood actors where usually only the relationship between actor and actress is talked about. New relationships are formed and broken every day in Bollywood.

When someone is happy to have their love, some people are sad to lose their love. We all know the professional life of Bollywood stars but we know very little about their personal life. Today, Bollywood superstars are going to tell you about sibling relationships, which you may not be aware of.

Aamir Khan, known as Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood, has proved to be a great actor today. Aamir Khan had recently divorced his wife Kiran Rao, now the two are separated, while news is also coming that Aamir Khan may marry someone else soon.

Speaking of Aamir Khan’s sisters, he has two sisters who are far away from social media. Aamir Khan has one sister named Farhat Khan and another sister named Nikhat Khan. These two sisters do not like to be in the limelight.

Shah Rukh Khan .. Known as the King Khan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is a very successful actor. Shah Rukh Khan’s life has been full of ups and downs but today he has no shortage of things. Shahnaz Khan’s sister’s name is Shahnaz Khan. Notably, after the death of her parents, Shahnaz Khan was very depressed, since then her condition has been critical. Shah Rukh Khan loves his sister very much and keeps her in his house.

Salman Khan .. Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan Salman Khan is at the forefront of the relationship. Let me tell you that Salman Khan has no real sister, while she is believed to be the sister of two Rakhis, one named Arpita and the other Alvira. Salman Khan loves his two sisters very much

Amitabh Bachchan .. The so-called superhero of the Bollywood industry, Amitabh Bachchan is considered to be the greatest actor of the century. Amitabh Bachchan does not have a real sister, but he considers Harvinder Kaur, a resident of Punjab, as his sister. In fact Harvinder Kaur is his aunt’s daughter whom he loves very much.

Anil Kapoor .. Bollywood’s greatest actor Anil Kapoor today looks very young despite being over 60 years old. Let me tell you that Anil Kapoor’s sister’s name is Reena Kapoor and there is a lot of love between the two. The two are often seen together.

Soha Ali Khan-Saif Ali Khan .. Famous Bollywood star Chhote Nawab has two sisters Soha and Saba. Saif loves his two sisters very much. However, Saif’s bonding with Soha is getting more visible. Even on the occasion of Rakshabandhan, both the brothers and sisters are seen showering love on each other. This royal couple of Bollywood also helps each other a lot in their work. They appear together at many royal events and promote the brand.

Arjun Kapoor-Jhanvi Kapoor .. Arjun is coffee positive about his sisters. He takes great care of his sister Anshula. Not only Anshula but also Arjun likes Jahnvi Kapoor very much. After Sridevi’s death, Arjun took care of Jahnavi. Janhvi may be Arjun’s half-sister but there is a strong bond between the two

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