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According to the Dharma Puranas, it is believed that at this place Lord Vishnu made 51 parts of Mata Sati from his chakra to disappoint Lord Shiva towards Goddess Sati. That is why the mother’s vagina fell here, due to which her name Kamakhya came to be. Arrives.

It is also said that the mother’s menstruation comes here due to the vaginal part of the goddess, it is also said that this temple is full of miracles, there are many interesting facts about this temple and I will tell you about those things today. In this article of mine, after reading this article till the end, you will know all these secrets well, let us know what is the interesting secret?

The Kamakhya temple is the epicenter of all Shaktipeeths, no Durga or Ambe Mani idols can be seen here, there is a pool here which is always covered with flowers and water always flows like a natural spring. The Kamakhya temple is considered to be the center of all creation because the female vagina, the origin of all creation, is considered the gateway to life. Although menstruation is considered unclean all over the world,

You must know that during this time girls face many problems and they are considered untouchable. But did you know that this is not the case with Kamakhya. Every year during a festival the water of the nearby Brahmaputra river turns red for 3 days. This red color of the water is due to the menstruation of Goddess Kamakhya. Then after 3 days, the temple is again crowded with devotees.

The prasad offered in this temple is also very different from other Shakti Peethas. In this temple red cloth is offered as prasad. Red and at the same time getting wet, this cloth is called Ambubachi cloth. This cloth is given to the devotees as prasad.

No idol has been installed here. At this place, the vagina of the goddess is seen in the partition made in the middle of a flat rock. Due to the natural spring this place is always wet. The water of this spring is considered to be very effective. Powerful It is believed that by consuming this water regularly you can get rid of every ailment.

Animals are sacrificed here, buffalo and goat sacrifices are common, but no female animal is sacrificed here. Along with this it is believed that you can do Kanya Pujan and Bhandara to please the mother, which will fulfill your every wish.

This place is considered to be the most important place for Tantra Sadhana, there is a crowd of monks and Aghoris here, black magic is also practiced in large quantities here, if a person is bothered by black magic he can come here and benefit. Can get rid of this problem.

Tantrics and monks of Kamakhya are capable of performing miracles. It is also said that the Tantrics here are also capable of removing evil spirits, although they use their powers very thoughtfully.

The Kamakhya temple is made up of three parts, the first being the largest, in which not everyone is allowed to go, while the second part is the darshan of the mother, where water is constantly flowing from a stone. It is believed that the doors of the temple remain closed for 3 days on the 3rd day of the month and after 3 days the doors of the temple are re-opened with fanfare.

In one of the temples next to this temple you will see the idol of mother, this temple is also called Kamadeva temple, in this temple premises you will see idols of many gods and goddesses. It is believed that the mental work of every devotee who comes here is fulfilled. Kamakhya Devi, the goddess of Tantrics, is worshiped as the new bride of Lord Shiva who accepts Moksha and fulfills all desires. After Kali and Tripura Sundari Devi, Kamakhya Devi is the most important goddess of Tantrics.

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