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Baba Barfani of Amarnath Dham in Jammu and Kashmir is known all over the world, but very few people know that there is a temple of Baba Barfani in the state of Uttarakhand which is very famous.

This time again Baba Barfani of Uttarakhand is appearing in his full form. The Shivling of ice has taken full shape in the Timmarsen Mahadev temple located in Niti village of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand on the Chinese border. After which devotees started coming here.

Shivling of ice is made every year. The Timmursen Mahadev Temple in Chamoli, Uttarakhand, has the main Shivling, which, like Baba Amarnath, takes the form of an ice Shivling every year. The ice shivling that has been seen this time is more than six feet high.

First batch visited .. On Friday, the first batch of five pilgrims from Delhi as well as locals arrived here and worshiped the ice Shivling. Dharmendra Singh Pale, a local resident and former head of Bampa village, said this is the best time to visit Timmersen.

The temple is 80 km away from Joshimath.At a distance of 80 km from Joshimath is the Timmarsen Mahadev temple of Niti village. The Shivling of ice found here is known by the locals as Babuk Udiyar.

At first it was known only to the locals. Now devotees from other states have started coming to see him. Devotees can enjoy the holy sight of Baba Barfani here as well as the frozen snow on the hills.

You have to walk one kilometer. There is a road to Niti village, then this temple can be reached by walking from here. The temple is open to devotees all year round. This place is considered mysterious. Many sages come here for spiritual study. The holy milk Ganga also flows near the temple.

Niti village is located on the Indo-Tibetan border. Niti village is located in Niti valley of Joshimath area of ​​Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Niti is the last village on the Indo-Tibetan border. Niti village is located near the border of southern Tibet.

What the local villagers say .. Satendrapal, Bhim Singh Khati and Rajendra Singh of the area say that even in the winter before the Sino-Indian war in 1962, devotees used to go to see Baba Barfani at Timmarsen Mahadev.

But after the Sino-Indian war, in winter, the entry of civilians into the area was banned from a security standpoint. Due to which the movement of people here is stopped in winter now. It is said that Baba Barfani appears here in his own form only after the snowfall in the temple in the month of December and by the month of March a Shivling about 10 feet high is formed.

What the officials say .. Pauri Garhwal, a resident of the area and Additional Commissioner Garhwal Division, says an action plan is being prepared for Timmersen. This time, preparations are being made to organize the yatra from March 1 to 10. Plans to extend this time further will also be implemented in the coming years.

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