There is a beautiful temple like the grace of Shiva in this place in India .. This Shiva temple has been built for a very special purpose at the cost of crores .. – We are Gujarati

As he enters the deep dark cave, a huge Shivling appears in front of him. A lamp shining in the water below and the heart of the blossoming lotus fill the temple with joy. The fragrant wind with the scent of flowers, the echo of water dripping on the penis dripping from the gold-encrusted copper vessel and the reflection of the lamp in the water provide immense peace to the soul. The spectators keep watching this supernatural scene with their wide wide eyes.

The description is of a Shivling called ‘Dhyanalingam’, located at the foot of the Velingiri Mountains, 30 km from Coimbatore, a city called Manchester in South India. The country has built some of the finest religious and cultural centers these days, which are not only the finest examples of ancient Indian architecture, but also unique in terms of art.

The inspiration for the creation of this Dhyanalingam came from Karmaveer Yogi Sant, Shri Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, while he was meditating on a rock in the Chamundi hills of Mysore. This realization shook his life and he resolved to become a meditator. There were only secret details about meditation in the ancient scriptures, so realizing this hypothesis was a very difficult task.

But the saints were steadfast, so their deep study and intuition inspired them to go one step further and then many disciples, architects, engineers and donors began to gather with them to make this dream come true. The site was found in a dense forest at the foot of the Velingiri Mountains.

The design of the temple took into account the geometric shapes, orbits, sanctum sanctorum, chief deity, other deities and the building materials used. The sanctum sanctorum was planned to be built in the shape of a huge dome, using a solution made from traditional bricks, lime, clay, sand, navy and various plants, instead of using cement, concrete and bars.

The design of the dome used Indian architectural rules and new computer technology. The dome was completed in eighteen months and it took three years to build the entire complex. The world’s first Dhyanalingam was established on June 24, 1999 and the entire campus was inaugurated on November 23, 1999.

Throughout the construction neither cement nor bars were used for construction nor raw construction was used. Only bricks and granite stones are combined with special technique. The sanctum sanctorum has twenty-eight triangular skylights for air and light, and at the top of the dome is a small copper penis-shaped dome enclosed in a gold leaf, which expels hot air from inside the sanctuary and also prevents direct entry of light rays. . Cold air from the skylight below enters the sanctuary. Inside the sanctum sanctorum, 28 ale-shaped seating areas have been created for visitors to meditate on.

Now Kandranuma enters this dome-shaped sanctum sanctorum, where the above Shivling is found. There is only crazy light in this dark cave. Inside, a huge black granite Shivling with a height of thirteen feet nine inches in the middle has been created by special chemists at the base of the mercury. This Shivling is made of white granite and is decorated in seven rounds in a relaxed posture with the mouth open by a mahanag.

At the bottom is a circle of water. The entire Shivling is seen floating in it. Tiny lotuses bloom in this water and the flickering light of the lamps continues to illuminate the whole complex. The Shivling symbolizes the seven chakras of the human body surrounded by seven shiny copper circles, which makes the linga very attractive. The anointing is done continuously with cold water from a copper gold vessel located above the penis. This whole composition has been named ‘Dhyanalingam’.

Dhyanalinga is based on ancient Indian architecture. Its size, color coordination, ambient atmosphere, etc., constantly affect the human body and mind like rays of light by accumulating energy. Therefore, no special thought, prayer or worship system has been relied upon in this place. Any religious person can come here and absorb the accumulated energy in Dhyanalinga. Only Guru-Shishya feeling is required. It is enough to establish Dhyanalinga in the place of Guru in the mind for a few moments and then sit at the fixed place with eyes closed.

Another wonderful feature of this temple is that there are no hymns, no Aarti or rituals. Every day from 11.50 to 12.10 and in the evening from 5.50 to 6.00 there is an exchange of human language for 20 minutes, which is called ‘Naad Aradhana’. The melodious sound is brought out by water waves and other instruments. A very sweet melody uttered by a celibate and a celibate woman makes the audience feel heavenly bliss. Devotees should be present during this ‘Naad Aradhana’ and take Nadabrahma to heart. The temple complex is open to visitors from 6 am to 8 pm.

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