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Scientists have given a lot of evidence about what we live on earth and what our existence is, how we came to be, but there are still some questions that no one has been able to prove. A common but mysterious question arises in our minds whether there is another world?

Things are different in a world that is not like this earth, and the relationship to go to another world can also be found on this earth. Let us tell you that there is some evidence that shows that the other world starts from here. Let us tell you what those five doors are.

The door of the sun god .. There is a gate in Bolivia which is considered to be the gate of the sun god. People believe that there is a world outside this door that is different from the world of this earth.

People also come here to worship and hope that one day the door will open and they will be able to see another world. This curiosity is so much that people worship here and believe that it will come true very soon.

Stall Cemetery – Pennsylvania .. Cemetery means cemetery or graveyard. This cemetery is considered the gate of hell. It is said that whenever this door opens here, ghosts keep coming and harassing people. Some of the witches here pray that their cries are heard and the door is fully opened and the ghost can come to earth once again.

Sumerian Gate .. This gateway is connected to the people of Iraq and their legends. Beyond this door is the idea of ​​another world. The people of Iraq believed that their ancestors had the power to bring them to another world.

The artefacts on the inscription tell a story about this. By looking at the artwork printed on them you will know that their ancestors went to another world and they are still present today, but they are lost in the depths of the sea, which no one has been able to find yet.

Hyo Bacho Van .. Romania’s Hue Bacho forest turns into a mysterious forest at night. People believe that people passing through this forest disappear at night. Evidence of this can be found in the sentence when a girl went missing for five years.

When he returned, he was not old enough. He looked the same as he did at the time of his disappearance. When he returned 5 years later, people could not believe their eyes. At the same time, the young woman said she was not missing.

Czech Republic .. Here is a pit whose depth no one knows. It is believed that this pit leads straight to hell. In the 13th century, prisoners were required to

Only if he goes to the bottom of the pit will his punishment be forgiven. He screamed as he went downstairs and was old when he was pulled out. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

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