The young man started swinging on the ox’s horn, you should be amazed, video shared by IPS Rupin Sharma …

A video swinging on an ox’s horn is rapidly going viral on social media. In which a young man can be seen swinging on an ox’s horn. In this video you can see that somewhere two people tied a bull with a rope. One young man tied the ox’s hind legs and the other young man held the ox’s horns.

Seeing this, many people from far and wide are shouting loudly. The bull is fed up with the antics of both the young men and is looking very angry. Then a young man comes and tries to sit on the ox. He wants to sit on the ox’s horn. As the young man tries to sit on the ox’s horn, the ox gets angry and starts kicking the young man down. In the meanwhile all the people present there can be heard and seen shouting loudly. After watching this video, you will also feel that it takes courage to do such a thing.

The man is having fun sitting on a very dangerous and angry bull. The viral video shows an angry bull with its legs tied with a rope. There are a lot of people around who are standing around the person. The man holds the ox’s horns and sits on its neck. The bull tries hard to make the person fall. The person is often up and down but does not fall because he is holding an ox’s horn.

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. After watching this video, people are commenting that it looks like a dangerous swing and a ride that is going through a tremendous upheaval. People are also praising this young man’s courage. The video was shared by IPS Rupin Sharma from his Twitter handle.

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