The video of the cultured bride of TV went viral, a little dress flew in the air.

In terms of boldness, TV actresses are no less than Bollywood actresses, but whether it is a Bollywood actress or any TV actress, they fall prey to the oops moment when it comes to showing excessive boldness. The actress, who played the role of a cultured daughter-in-law in the TV world, wore a short dress and the same thing happened when her dress was blown away by the wind.

Famous TV serial ‘Dia Aur Bati Hum’ fame Deepika Singh has become a well known name. He has created a special identity among the people on the strength of his acting. The actress is very active on social media. She shares her photos and videos every day. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Deepika is often seen in the mood of fun and jokes in Instagram reels. Also, if you follow the actress, you should also know how much she loves to dance. In the video, she is often seen dancing. One such video has surfaced. But Deepika found it difficult to dance in it. We are saying this because during this time actress Ops fell victim to Moment. Whose video has spread on social media.

Let me tell you that Deepika herself shared this video from her official Instagram account. In which she is seen wearing a yellow frock dress. With this he has kept his hair exposed. The style of the actress looks wonderful. In the video, Deepika is seen dancing to the song ‘Bun Ke Titli Dil Uda’. Meanwhile, when the actress moves around, her dress starts to fly due to the wind. Only then, however, does the actress save herself from falling prey to the oops moment. Fans are liking this video a lot. While some people are also facing trolling.

Speaking of Deepika’s work front, apart from the serial ‘Dia Bati Aur Hum’, the actress was seen in TV shows ‘Box Cricket League’ and ‘Kitchen Champion 5’. Apart from this, Deepika has also been seen in two Bollywood films. These include the names ‘Work Weather Wife’ and ‘Sikandra’. Currently the actress is enjoying life away from the world of glamor. Glimpses of which are often seen on social media.

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