The US Army has changed its rules for this Gujarati youth of Swaminarayan sect, knowingly you will also say Wow – Gujarat Info Portal

India is a religious country. Every religion is respected in this country which is associated with religion. The people of India, even if they go abroad, never compromise with their religion and the rules attached to their religion. Today we will tell you about one such person. For this person of Swaminarayan sect, even America changed its rules.

In fact, this Gujarati youth is working in American Air Service. Whose name is Darshan. This young man always wears a tilak on his head. Although this young man of Swaminarayan sect is working abroad but he has not broken the rules of his religion. Gujarati Darshan, stationed at an airbase in Wyoming, USA, had been seeking permission to keep Tilak on duty for the last two years.

He demanded to be allowed to do duty with Tilak after receiving training in the US Army. He contacted the US Air Force’s Global Strike Command. They were constantly trying to get permission to keep the tilak. Respecting the Hindu faith, the American Air Force has allowed the young man to wear a tilak.

Darshan was seeking permission to keep Tilak from 2020. His family is originally from Gujarat. But they settled in America years ago. His family lives in Minnesota, USA. He is associated with Bochasanvasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sansthan i.e. BAPS. They do pooja and tilak every day.

Since Darshan wanted to keep Tilak even during his job, he sought permission to keep Tilak. You have to say that it is very good to wear tilak while doing every work. Darshan states that there is a tradition of wearing tilak in every religion. He worked hard for this religious sanction and in the end his hard work paid off. The U.S. Navy changed its rules for him and allowed Darshan to tilak during the job.

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