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Shri Ram asks for a boat from the boatman to cross the Ganges, but the canoe does not bring the boat. He tells Shri Ram that I have come to know your secret, all say that from the dust of your feet you became a beautiful woman from stone. My boat is made of wood, as soon as your feet fall on this boat, if this boat becomes a woman, I will be robbed. This boat supports my family.

According to the Puranas, the canoe that carried Lord Rama across the Ganges was a tortoise in his previous birth and a special devotee of Shri Hari. Desiring to attain Moksha, he tried many times to touch the feet of Lord Vishnu in Kshirsagar but failed.

Once Lord Vishnu was resting on Shesha’s bed in Kshirsagar and Lakshmiji was pressing his feet. One of Vishnuji’s thumbs came out of the bed and the waves started playing with him.

A tortoise from Kshirsagar saw this scene and thought in his mind that if I touch the thumb of Lord Vishnu with my tongue, I will get salvation. Thinking this, the tortoise went to the feet of Lord Vishnu. Sheshnagji saw him coming towards Lord Vishnu.

And blew loudly to drive them away. Hearing the hissing, the tortoise ran away and hid. After a while when Sheshaji lost his focus, he tried again. At this point Lakshmi Devi’s eye fell on him and he chased her away.

In this way the tortoise made many attempts but due to Sheshaji and Lakshmi mother he never got success. Creation was also created and after the end of Satyug came Tretayug. During this time, the tortoise was also born several times in different species and tried to attain God in each birth. Through his penance, he attained divine vision.

The tortoise knew that in the Tretayuga, Vishnu Sheshaji, who was sleeping in the same ocean, would incarnate as Lakshmana and the same Lakshmi as Sita, and would need to cross the Ganges at the time of exile. Why he also came there as a boat.

By meditating on God for more than an age, he had learned all the meanings of God, that is why he told Shri Ram that I know your meaning. Manaskar Goswami Tulsidasji also knew this fact, so in his book he was told from the mouth of the canoe – ‘Kahi tumhar marmu me jaana.’

Not only that, this time the boatman did not want to miss the opportunity anyway. He remembered that Sheshnag was screaming in anger and I was scared. This time he could shoot his arrow at me in the form of Lakshman, but this time he gave up his fear, he was allowed to die with Lakshman’s arrow, but he did not dare to miss this opportunity, that is why he said so. –

Of course O Nath! I’ll wash your lotus feet and put you on the boat, I don’t even want to get off you. O Ram! I am blessed with your cry and Dasharathaji, I tell you absolutely right. Even if Lakshmanji shot me with an arrow, I will not cross (O Lord of Tulsidas), O Merciful one, till I clean your feet.

Hearing the strange words wrapped in the love of the boatman, Shri Ramchandraji looked at Janakiji and Laxmanji, the abode of compassion, and laughed. Like they ask him what should I do now, at the time he just wanted to touch the toe and you guys were chasing him but now he wants both feet. Kevat was very smart. Along with himself, he also provided salvation to his family and ancestors.

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