The Taj Mahal and the things about it that were kept hidden from the world

The whole world is still full of many mysteries. Some secrets remain only as a conspiracy theory, and ask if the government agencies of these countries are still trying to hide it. There are many secrets in India that have shocked the world. There are many secrets that have come before the world, but there are still many secrets that are still hidden from everyone today.

Such is the mystery of the basement of the Taj Mahal. This is a secret that every government is afraid to reveal to everyone. So today we are going to talk about the doors of the Taj Mahal, which even the government is afraid to open.

In fact, it is believed that construction of the Taj Mahal began in the year 1631. And was completed in the year 1653. And it is still said to be a huge example of product efficiency. Researchers have done a lot of research on this and they believe that there are more than a thousand rooms under the Taj Mahal. They believe that as high as the Taj Mahal is, it is celebrated deep inside the earth.

If any fort was built at that time, a way out was also made. And the same is true inside the Taj Mahal, there is a passage below it that leads out somewhere. But like other mysterious dungeons, that road has been closed since the time of Shah Jahan.

The rooms below the Taj Mahal were sealed with bricks. But researchers believe the bricks from which the basement was built were built after these rooms. But what was the reason that these rooms had to be closed after construction? Some archaeologists and researchers differ on this point.

Some believe Mumtaz Mahal’s tomb is housed in these basements, and those rooms have been officially closed. But why has this been done? No one has complete information about this.

Some archaeologists and writers say that earlier there was a Shiva temple at this place. And it was called Tejo Mahalaya. The Taj Mahal was later built on top of it, so this basement is older than the Taj Mahal. But now a new conspiracy theory is emerging that these cellars below the Taj Mahal may contain valuable treasures. This is because metal detectors have confirmed the presence of many types of metals beneath them.

But archaeologists also believe that there may be many historical documents in it that could change our history. There was a lot of news about the discovery of this dungeon, but it never opened. Many of these doors were opened but later closed, further darkening the mystery. What is behind these walls of Taj Mahal? Even the government is afraid to know about it.

In the end, the only question that comes to our mind is what is behind this door? Which government also wants to hide from us and is there really anything in it that can change our history? One day the truth will come out because it is said that truth can be hidden but cannot be suppressed. And every truth will come out one day or another.

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